Dating randall made knives

Randall made knives randall knives are 100% hand made and no two are exactly alike demand is so great for all models that there is typically a wait of a few. Yet, randall knives hold their value better than most few other makers are as recognized and esteemed, and used randalls generally cost as much or more than new ones the definitive text on the company’s wares is randall made knives, by bob gaddis [available from knife world books}] at $5995, the price will prove a bargain for.

Whether you are hunting, carving, or fishing, you will want to choose randall made for the sharpest, and best in blades, with an unbeatable performance. Threads tagged with randall : thread / thread starter: dating old randall blades by blade stamp randall made knives model 12 bear bowie with custom engraving. Rkcc - the place for randall made knife collectors to gather and enjoy randall knives.

Randall made knives™ offers numerous models not shown in the catalogue for sale these specialty knives can be ordered just like the catalog knives. A randall knife was a very quite status symbol usually worn by someone that had seen the elephant and knew a little bit about, what was going on a randall knife was a top of the line coveted piece of equipment.

We have to bear in mind that while the study of randall made knives is not always an exact science and does not always yield clear answers to rmk collector. Randall made knives ordered a new stamp because the old one was wearing out the limitations are precision in dating example knives.

The randall knife information collection cd is a must for any knife collector the cd provides an excellent and quick tool for the identification and dating of randall made knives as well as information on the sheaths and related background.

  • This site is dedicated to the collecting of randall made knives i buy randall knives - one knife or the entire collection - in addition to selling them browse my merchandise, my personal collection and an array of photos, videos, books and newsletters.
  • Synopsis: in addition to randall basics such as companys history & knife models, theres a wealth of info on dating randalls, obscure variations, & rarities.

Dating old randall blades by blade stamp - the knife network forums : knife making discussions. The randall knife forums a place where everybody is welcome to join in on the discussion of randall made knives you are not is that a clue for more precise dating. Selling randall made knives at catalog prices we always have a nice selection of new and used knives at fair prices randall's largest full service dealer.

Dating randall made knives
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